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MD/PhD Candidate

Psychological and Medical Anthropology

Morgen A. Chalmiers is a student in the Medical Scientist Training Program at UC San Diego School of Medicine. She was recently recognized as an Emerging Scholar in Family Planning for her research on barriers to reproductive healthcare for resettled refugee women in San Diego.


Her anthropological research broadly examines women’s experiences of reproductive healthcare using the tools and theoretical lens of psychological anthropology. She works with a collaborative team across the UC campuses to conduct community-engaged, multi-sited research on resettled refugee women’s access to reproductive healthcare. Her dissertation project explores reproductive decision-making and access to care among Syrian refugees in Jordan. Her fieldwork and clinical practice are informed by the paradigm of reproductive justice and a commitment to addressing health disparities through an intersectional framework. She is passionate about integrating anthropological insights into clinical practice and health policy through interdisciplinary collaboration.


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